Fox Valley Retail Park

Fox Valley Retail Park Fox Valley Retail Park Fox Valley Retail Park Fox Valley Retail Park Fox Valley Retail Park Fox Valley Retail Park Fox Valley Retail Park

Fox Valley Retail Park in Stocksbridge, north Sheffield has been equipped with a Bose audio solution just a year after its official opening. Property developer Dransfield Properties commissioned long-time Bose pro partner Promotiontime NE to design an audio system for the retail, office and leisure development.
After breaking ground in March 2014, it took just over two years and a £50m investment to transform the 28-acre former steelworks site into a retail and commercial hub for over 18,000 locals.


Fox Valley required an audio system to fill walkways and open pedestrianised areas with both background and foreground sound as well as needing sound-reinforcement in the entertainment areas. 
A network of 26 Bose FreeSpace loudspeakers were installed across the site, utilising a mixture of DS 100SE and DS 40SE products for the public retail spaces, and in addition eight Bose Panaray 402 series IV loudspeakers were specified for the entertainment areas. All the Bose speakers, which are driven by two PowerMatch PM8500 configurable power amplifiers, are suitable for outdoor use, and are capable of operating throughout the year, allowing the park to create atmosphere whatever the weather.


According to Brian Graham of Promotion Time NE, the system has been met with such positive feedback that since installation, Dranfield Properties has commissioned his company and Bose Professional to provide audio solutions for four additional regeneration development projects across the north of the UK. “We selected Bose for this particular installation, as we knew that the speakers would withstand all weather conditions, and be totally reliable for years to come. We are delighted to have been able to re-create this across other sites, including Sanderson’s Arcade, Morpeth, Marshall’s Yard, Gainsborough, Lime Square Openshaw, Manchester and Selby, Yorkshire.” 
Annabel Plumtree, Fox Valley centre manager, says: “We are extremely happy with the Bose system that we have running throughout our shopping centre. We want our customers to feel relaxed when shopping here and we feel music is a nice touch – especially around the festive season.”